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The road to druidcraft

Now that I have more time to practice, I finally decided to master the spell that Cora taught me. It all began last summer at the beach, when I jokingly asked her if she could speak with fishes like Aquaman did. She probably did not know who Aquaman was, but she looked at me like…

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An unexpected visitor

A green fairy knocked to my window while I was doing my homework. Her name is Seles and she is a silph, an air spirit. She said their kind is migrating north with the arrival of spring, and it is customary for witches to offer hospitality while they are in the area. I did not…

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A magical year

I wanted to do something interesting for my first post, but the more I thought about it, the more I could not come up with a good idea. It is not very useful to have a blog if you don’t have content, so instead of wasting more time waiting for inspiration I have decided to…

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